Position 4 vision

iconWhy is this important?

iconWhat about Position for Safety?

Get your position on the road right. To maximise progress with safety you need to be able to see. What you can see you can accurately plan for instead of having to anticipate. The earlier you can do this the better. It will make you quicker and safer.

If you are hugging the nearside verge on left hand bends you reduce your vision of the road ahead, you see hazards later and other road users will see you later.

Not convinced?

Have you ever ridden along a twisty single track lane with high hedgerows where your vision ahead is really compromised. If it’s literally one car wide where do you want to be when the oncoming vehicle sees you? I want as much distance between us as possible.

If you position for the best vision you will see them at the earliest opportunity which is also when they will see you.

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