What to expect

Your course should be fun.

There are no tests, just a great opportunity to make your riding as enjoyable and enlightening for you as it can be.

There is no better way to learn than to follow someone who knows what they are doing. Some of what you see will seem obvious, some will not. It will raise the question 'Why did you...?' and THAT is where the real differences are made.

Observed ride

I want to know how you ride before I can advise you what changes we need to make so you get what you want from your course and from your riding. Its so important to discuss the reason for the change and understand why we should make them. Then we practice the changes together.

You won't be overloaded with information. I will give you as much as you are comfortable to absorb, understand and apply to your riding.

My job is to equip you to ride any road, wet or dry, urban or rural, busy or traffic free with complete confidence in your own ability.

If that sounds unrealistic I can tell you that it isn't. It’s nothing more than a simple set of principles, a little guidance and practice.

Each 'Day' consists of around 6 hours of tuition.

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