Thoughts and experience?

Jenny L.
I completed 2 days of training with Chris and enjoyed every moment. I have been riding for a number of years but was not confident in myself. After completing just the first day I came away smiling with how much my riding had changed already and this only multiplied after the second day. The way he teaches is amazing and makes you feel so at ease. Thank you for the boost Chris.
David G.
The next ride I had with my mates brought nothing but compliments on the lines I was taking and also how flowing and fluid my riding had become. The guy I aim to ride as well as said that my riding had improved tremendously and that really is all down to you and your skills as a trainer. Thank you.
David W.
iconBMW F800 S
"The days training I had with Chris was excellent. I was amazed at how much I learnt over the day. Chris explains everything in detail and encourages you to ask questions. At the end of the day I felt so much more confident on the bike. I also feel safer and enjoy my riding much more than before. A fantastic day and worth every penny."
Ian F.
I went to Chris to improve my new riding skills as I only just took my test last year after many years off motorcycles (now 57, gulp). I really didn't know what to expect but I can assure anyone who wants to improve their riding skills, Chris is your man. He talks to you on whatever level you want, is a great communicator and an all round nice bloke. He gave me great confidence telling me exactly what I should do to improve my lines and generally ride more safely. The 2 day course isn't cheap but it really helped me to improve my riding, giving me much more confidence and making me more aware as a rider. So to sum up, it's great fun and you will be a better rider, no brainer really. Thanks Chris.
Anna R.
The training and approach to smart positioning was fun and really set me up for life with a more effective, more efficient riding style. I do think that the day spent on the riding style itself was invaluable and I also hugely appreciated the way you identified strengths as well as things that could be improved. You were very clear and encouraging and explained the concept of the vanishing point really well. I really, really enjoyed the day and am really looking forward to putting the new technique to the test and making it second nature over the next couple of weeks while we tour the west country! Thanks very much for your help :)
Richard B.
iconBMW R1200 RT
The training day I had with Chris was absolutely excellent, I learnt more on the day than I have in all the 50 years I have been riding. He has a really good way of explaining things and picks up your bad points but compliments you on your good ones, it builds up your confidence over the day and your riding improves. I would definitely recommend Chris to other bikers, he is the best teacher I have ever had.
Dae S.
iconBMW R1200 GS
"I was extremely happy with the assessed ride. What I liked most was at the end there was adult discussion, not a simple black and white of you didn't do xyz this way, which is wrong. I'm a firm believer that advanced riding is about thinking and not being overly prescriptive, so was happy when that seemed to be your view too. Its refreshing to meet a trainer who is prepared to discuss items openly and accept that there's usually more ways to do things than "their way" even though we seemed to agree on the majority of things anyway. I found the breakdown of our ride extremely detailed and accurate. It was great to hear about what I am doing well in addition to what can be improved again so many trainers only like to point out the areas for improvement and neglect to mention what you are doing correctly.
Dale A.
iconBMW R1200 GS
After 15 years of commuting etc and never having done any form of advanced training Chris tutored me on advanced riding techniques, I was going to say I was lucky enough to get a ROSPA GOLD, but luck was nothing to do with it. Chris is very easy going and laid back, he will definiteley make you a better rider, but above all he's a nice chap and very, very good at what he does. Cheers mate....

Geoff B.
iconBMW R1200 GS
About twenty years ago I undertook some excellent training run by serving bike cops. Having then spent those years and some 300,000+ miles practising as well as being the proud owner of a RoSPA Gold certificate, I did naively wonder what Chris could possibly teach me! However, after just three hours under his wing as it were, I came away smoother, feeling a bit more polished and having learnt a few excellent tips. Seriously impressed. Following this I booked a session with Chris for my other half which she thoroughly enjoyed. Even better, she went on to take her RoSPA test the very next day with a different examiner and got a "good" Silver. I can't recommend Chris highly enough to anyone, regardless of their experience or ability. He's a really nice guy and has a very relaxing way of tutoring that truly works. Although speaking as a bit of a baldy, he does have far fuller head of hair than should be reasonably allowed. Share it out Chris!!
Simon B.
iconHONDA VFR800
Michael H.
iconBMW R1150 GS
I learnt more about how to ride a motorbike correctly and safely in a few hours with Chris than I have EVER learnt in my life on a bike! Utterly recommend at least a chat with him, you won't believe what you think you do right could be done so much better... I'll be back for more....

Paul B.
iconBMW R1200 GS
Have to say that this weekend is probably the most effective I've been lucky to have in terms of learning theories with advanced riding and also getting rid of some of the demons! Chris was specific, comprehensive and extremely balanced in his views regarding my riding and I'll be working hard to reinforce what I've learnt today. Many thanks mate!....

Dave M.
iconBMW R1200 RT
The training was superb, the way you explain things and also give praise when its done well is a real confidence booster, if i had been taught at school/college the way you teach i would probably be working for NASA now? For anyone who's thinking of getting some training from Chris...DO IT, you'll have no regrets, He's a superb instructor, an amazing rider and a really nice bloke too.Thanks.

Dr. Nick S.
The Warpspeed training was really enjoyable. Chris is not only a superb rider himself, and his own riding is always smooth, effortless and unhurried but he’s also a great communicator. His rare talent is to closely observe your ride so as to identify, often relatively small, changes that you can make to riding style, particularly in the areas of observation and road positioning.The training rides are focussed on your individual needs as a rider rather than taking a universal ‘drills and skills’ type of approach. This means that he can diagnose those areas of your riding that you can work on and he provides sound practical advice on how to develop as a rider. I can thoroughly recommend Warpspeed Training to anyone who wishes to significantly improve their performance as an advanced motorcycle rider. Thanks.

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