What do I teach?

Roadcraft is an excellent manual and a sound basis for smooth, quick, polished riding.

A book, no matter how good, will not teach you how to ride, and guide you in applying the principles on the road. I Will.

For example,

A skilled rider progresses efficiently. Your objective should be sound and informed decision making, not progress.

The thinking rider knows when to go and when to hold back.

Progress is the product of advanced riding, not the objective.

Position 4 Vision...

Get your road positioning right. This is THE KEY to advanced riding.

Every decision you make is affected by it.

If you're not in the best position your decisions are already compromised.

Sacrifice vision for safety?

Only when you have to. When is that? Where you have identified it is prudent or necessary and nowhere else.

My vision and my visibility are my safety. I don't sacrifice them without good reason.

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